Low impact paintball is an experience that uses low velocity paintball markers, firing extremely fragile paintballs. It’s a new event that’s set to become a phenomenon for birthday parties and kids parties

SplatMaster is a new activity to the UK, providing a low impact alternative to Paintball for younger players from 8 years of age.
Splatmaster was engineered so kids (and adults) ages 8+ could easily, load, and fire. Bedlam Paintball now provides this activity offering a safe, friendly alternative to Paintball. Bedlam Paintball is run with safety in mind and has all the latest equipment to provide you with a brilliant, fun and safe environment. Your combat abilities will be tested whilst completing objectives. SplatMaster powered by Bedlam Paintball is a sporting goods product that shoots colour filled round Ammo resulting in a Splat. The game is designed for Kids aged 8 years of age upwards.