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Airsoft is a sport like Paintball but is more akin to Military simulation with full sized realistic weapons that can fire 6mm round pellets fully automatically at distances of over 50m. Airsoft is a fun, exciting, team-based sport where you can put in as much or as little physical effort as you like. Charge the enemy stronghold in a mad rush, stalk around the flanks, snipe from the back or sit in ambush for the opposition to come by: the choice is yours – there is something for everyone no matter your fitness level.

At Bedlam you’re assured of first-class facilities, friendly, enthusiastic staff, and a 100% safety record. What Can I Expect at Bedlam Airsoft. Airsoft is far more than running about shooting at your mates – it’s about tactics, planning, strategy, and teamwork. Each paintball game scenario centres around an objective, which your team leader will explain and offer tips on how to achieve. Paintball is not about brute force.

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Session Includes: Entrance fee, Assault Rifle, Full Face Safety Mask, Protective Coveralls and Insurance. Unlimited Ammo


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