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Basic Guidelines and Rules When Playing Paintball

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General Rules

1. A referee may consist of one or more persons in each paintball game. The referee is the one that starts a game, ends a game and checks for issues that may arise in the game. The referee’s decision is final and unarguable.

2. A player is eliminated in the game if he/she is hit by a paintball marker and it breaks on them even when hit by friendly fire. A player must hold their gun to their head and shout OUT or DEADMAN and must leave in the shortest and safest route as soon as possible.

3. When two or more players mark each other simultaneously the referee will decide on who is to be eliminated.

4. If a player has a question of being marked, he can call for a paint check. When paint check is called the players must remain in their positions until the check is over, moreover if a player or players move from their designated spots the referee can call them out of the game.

5. In a flag paintball game, only one player is assigned to guard the flag at the station. If the guardian is marked he must leave the flag on the floor where he was marked.

6. Mark the dead zone. It is important that everyone knows where the dead zone is and must not shoot near it. A dead zone is the area in which the eliminated players are placed.

7. Every game must have a time limit. A game may last 30 to 60 minutes. The referee will keep track of time until it is finished.

8. Set out game objectives. Make sure everyone knows what objectives both parties and the referee have decided.

Safety Rules

1. Goggles are to be worn at all times in the game and must never be removed when in the field. Goggles can only be removed when players are in the dead zone, as it is relatively safe and far away from the game field.

2. If the players hold their gun over their head, no one is to shoot at that player. This gesture is only applicable when a player is eliminated or in case of an emergency.

3. All body parts must be covered when playing paintball. T-shirts and shorts are not allowed to be worn in any paintball games.

4. Intoxication before or during the game is strictly forbidden on any circumstances.

5. There must be no physical interaction between players.

6. Shooting at point blank range is not allowed as a paintball gun fires at 80-100 meters per second and may cause injuries. If the distance of the players is less than 5 meters, either both players distance themselves or the referee stops the game to readjust positions.

7. An eliminated player cannot shoot and cannot be shot at.

These are just some of the basic guidelines when playing paintball. All players must follow these rules to have a fun and safe time when playing paintball.

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