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Paintball Tactics

Crawl For Your Life

By May 5, 2012No Comments

In this segment of paintball tactics, Anna @BedlamPaintball will discuss the art of crawling.

paintball crawlOne may wonder what crawling can do in a paintball match. Questions and doubts may arise such as, running is better than crawling, crawling is slow and may get you off guard. Never fear as these misconceptions are false.

First of all we all know what crawling is but how do we apply it in paintball? Not really an easy task but not impossible. One thing to remember is that crawling can be fully utilized when the enemy doesn’t know position or when you’re hidden. Crawling is primarily used as a stealth maneuver providing camouflage and quietness.

Crawling can be tiring as you move very slowly while exerting a lot of energy, but are necessary when you want to stay in the game for a long time. Even on an open field a person that usually stays low on the ground survives longer. Crawling is practically useless when the enemy has clear vision of you as crawling is slow and you can be really taken out easily when you do it.

With the disadvantages aside, crawling can still give you an edge in a game.

1. Crawling is a good choice when moving in between two bunkers that are spaced very closely. By doing so you minimize the amount of time that your body will be exposed to the enemy.

2. Crawling can be used ultimately in woodsball as the natural terrain such as bushes can be used to provide cover for you.

3. Crawling can put to good use against snipers as you can give them a hard time shooting you.

paintball crawlBut still remember your posture because even when you are crawling can still switch to a running or shooting position immediately. Awkward positioning when crawling is bad practice as it will make you move slower and the slightest error can make you visible to the enemy.

Every player attempting to crawl must at least notify one or two teammates for them to provide cover for you or to distract the enemy for you to remain unseen. And also remember to keep your hand on your marker as an opportunity to fire may arise.

Therefore, crawling is a double-edged sword it may benefit or harm you. Depending on the skills of the user and his teammates crawling can practically turn the tides on a battle. But still as all paintball skills and tactics experience is the best teacher and never be disappointed when you fail on your first try.

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