In your profession, you are accustomed to danger. Crossing borders into foreign territory, infiltrating government offices, army bases, secret factories and warehouses; you and your team are elite agents trained to find the information your superiors need – no matter how classified.

This latest mission, however, bears an unusual degree of urgency. It is the dying days of the war and each side is desperate for any advantage that will tip the scales in their favour and achieve victory. To this end, you’ve received intelligence that scientists on the opposing side have developed a potent chemical weapon – something that will mercilessly decimate military and civilian populations alike.

You and your team must find a way into the top-secret laboratory where the chemical agents are being tested and capture their stocks before it can be deployed. At the same time, there are rumours enemy agents are already trying to infiltrate your own army headquarters for strategy plans that will tell them where best to launch this vicious attack. It is imperative you reach your target first, and race home to fly the flag that signifies you’ve completed your mission…