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Peterborough Thorney

PETERBOROUGH PREMIER LASERTAG VENUE;French Drove, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0PE

Call 08442473271 
Bedlam Lasertag at Thorney is an exhilarating, team-oriented combat game. It is NOT paintball.  It is NOT tame laser tag.  Lasertqag guns use infra-red light, which is totally safe and environmentally friendly. Our guns fire an invisible infrared beam up to 100 metres with great sound effects.

We play at Thorney Lasertag all year round in all weather - even in snow. We specialise in team building skills and we inspire and energise people towards achieving realistic goals. Lasertag is a game that everyone can enjoy on an equal playing field whether you are young, old, new to combat simulation games or a regular player. Our games mirror military exercises and challenge gamers to Capture & Hold a Base, Rescue the VIP, Injured soldier, Sniper alley, Team combat and other scenarios.

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