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Paintball Positions that Determine Your Role

By May 17, 2012No Comments

Speedball positions

paintball positionSpeedball paintball positions in tournament play position and are very specific to what their role is in game play. Speedball is played in an arena type of environment and usually consists of several bunkers. Such environment will require positions to use the playing field.

1. Front or Frontman

This is the position assigned to the players furthest to the field. The player’s responsibility is to push forward and eliminate enemies along the way. Front players are usually speedy players as they shoot a lot. They shoot a lot and use less paintballs as they have the best angles for shooting. Fronts usually consist of no more than two players.

2. Mid-Players

Mid-players are assigned among the front and back players to provide support to both the positions. These players should be able to adapt to situational changes as they must be able switch to attacking and defending. They support all areas of the field and pull forward or they can be used to replace a fallen player in the front or back areas. As such this is considered the most difficult position to play in speedball.

3. Back-Players or Backs

These players are placed at the rear or the last row of the bunkers. Their roles are simple and can be played even by beginners as they would provide suppressive fire for the front and mid-players. They keep shooting to provide cover and support allies who are pinned down or give support when in a pinch. Out of all the positions in speedball these position consumes the most paintballs.


Woodsball players position is very similar to speedball paintball positions but with a few additions due to change in playing environment. Unlike speedball, woodsball is a more tactical oriented game than its counterpart.

1. Floater

This position is also called the roamer. This position tells us that the player has no particular position. They act independently and can play as support or as a main attacker but are really used to fill in gaps for eliminated teammates.

2. Sniper

The sniper is a paintball position assigned in taking down targets by using long distance shots. They are also used as a semi support for their teammates as they can also provide suppression fire against their enemy. The sniper can effectively use his position’s strength if he has a clear view point of the field.

These are some positions that are commonly used when playing paintball. Other positions are also available depending on the agreed game type. Remember that in paintball you must be very versatile but as such must master a position that you’re good at to help your team proclaim victory.

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