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Paintball Strategies

By February 15, 2012No Comments

1. Find someone to be your partner. Two players are grouped together for maximum effectiveness. One player can cover for the other. Usual pairings consists of an experienced player and an inexperienced player, with this pairing setup the inexperienced player can learn the ins and outs of paintball.

2. Don’t stay on one spot for too long. Staying in a spot provides the enemies your position and placement. Also it will be easy for them to shoot you down as your position is a dead giveaway. Moving meters away from your position may confuse the enemy on where you’re going to pop out and may give you a chance on scoring a kill.

3. Move while being hidden. It may be hard to achieve but by doing so you will be invisible from enemy sight and will provide you cover. One can also use the terrain to its advantage, you can use tall grass to provide you natural cover while moving from one point to another.

4. Flank the enemy. Flanking is a good strategy to use and may surprise the enemy if unprepared. First have one or two players stay in the bunker to shoot the enemy bunker while other members go around the side of the enemy unnoticed to give a surprise attack.

5. Do not get “tunnel vision”. This strategy must always be used when playing paintball. Concentrating on one spot may make you retire earlier than expected. Look in a much broader area to spot enemies quickly.

6. Go for a run-through. This is a mad dash, where it would usually result in a suicide, where you go to the enemies bunkers and shoot as many paintballs as possible. This would depend on luck and knowledge of enemy positions. Usually you will get hit but a good run-through can give a good advantage to your team.

7. When the game starts, run. Arriving in your position on time will give your team an advantage as your plans/strategies may be used to its fullest. If you haven’t arrived in your position on time may lead to an early death and will give advantage to the enemy. One less man on the team makes the enemies more confident and it will destroy some strategic plans of the enemies.

8. Hide behind bushes. A bush is a good hiding place, though a little bit risky as a bush does not give you good cover than a bunker, providing the enemy can’t see you. It also serves as a natural camouflage while you wait for a chance to either shoot or move to another bunker.

These are just some strategies to give you an edge on other players while playing paintball. Bear in mind that experience is always the best teacher and by playing more games one can construct strategies for the team to use in future matches.

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