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Parents often wonder how safe a sport paintball is and if their child can get hurt while playing it. There is no way to sugar coat it. Paintball is not for the faint hearted and only a guardian can know if their child can handle it. The best way to keep the game safe and fun is to prepare ahead of time for what lies ahead. To do this, you need to ask yourself 7 questions that will help you figure out if your son or daughter is ready to play.

Splatmaster Adults and Kids

How old do you need to be to play Paintball?

Most paintball fields have age limits as to who can play and rightfully so. The minimum age for most businesses is 10 years old. If the minor is to come without a parent, a waiver must be signed by them or whoever is their caretaker. We do recommend that you go with your child if possible the first few times.


Are They Open to New Experiences

Think about the kind of personality your child has and how they handle learning new skills. Some kids thrive when learning new things and jump right in but others need a bit of coaxing. If they scare easy and panic, then paintball might not be the sport for them.

Try to think of past experiences you had with them that were semi intense. It could include the time you tried to get them to ride a rollercoaster or learn to swim. How did they confront these situations?  These questions will help you determine whether they are ready or a not.


Are they Extroverted

Paintball is a team sport so talking with fellow players is how you win games. Each team has their own paintball tactics for beginners and they are rehearsed before competitions. This all requires a great deal of communication and the ability to be a team player. The good thing is that it doesn’t matter if your child is a bit shy. Most kids that play with us are at first. The important thing is that they are willing to try and after a while, timidity will fade as they play more often.


Do They Get Hurt Often

Paintball is a very safe sport if you follow the safety rules and wear proper protective gear. Like any other sport though, minor injuries or bruising does occur. It is hard to tell who this will happen to because some children are stronger than others even at the same age. Every individual handles getting hit differently so the best thing for you to do is talk to them about it. Let them know what to expect and if they still want to give it a try.

When your child consents to give paintball a try, there are measures you can take to increase safety. Have them wear thick shirts with extra padding or they can wear three shirts at once so getting hit doesn’t hurt. If you rent equipment from us, we will make sure it fits well and you can double check on your end.


Are They Good at Following Rules?

The key to preventing injury on the field is to make sure everyone follows the rules. If your child refuses to observe the rules set by a park, they put themselves and others at risk. Make sure they are good at listening and know that they must pay attention to referees during the game. The day will be much better and everybody will have a good time.

Are They Attentive?

Some children are more observant when it comes to their surroundings than others. The best skill you can have in paintball is to always be focused and aware of what’s going on around you. Not doing this gets you hit and you will not last long in games. Luckily, this is an ability that kind be enhanced no matter what level they are at.  This is another question to ask yourself when determining if your child is eligible.


Are They Competitive by Nature?

Paintballers are some of the most passionate competitors in any sport. Even at the beginner levels, games can get emotional when players want to win. If your child has a competitive nature it is best to set his or her expectations. There will be days where they perform well and still lose and there is no need to get upset. At the end of the day. you can teach them that it is only a game and they can have the chance to win on another day. One thing you can be sure of is that games will always be fair. Impartial referees will always be on the field and alert watching every player.


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