Lasertag in Colchester Bergholt

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Colchester’s Premier Splatmaster & Lasertag Venue

Splatmaster is a new experience that uses specially designed low-velocity paintball markers, firing low-impact fragile paintballs. Splatmaster paintballs are specially manufactured to break easily on impact, so they don’t hurt when they hit.

Our original site based in  Colchester in Essex is a short drive from the A12 through West Bergholt

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Sprawls Farm, Bures Road, West Bergholt, CO63DN

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm



Splatmaster Group Session

Splatmaster for kids aged 8 Years plus. The idea for birthdays

Splatmaster 2 hours Session with Equipment Hire & paintballs for every game for 8 players. Bring a cake with you and at the end of the session, you take photos and cut the cake.   
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Additional Players £35pp



Lasertag Group Session

Outdoor Lasertag for 8 years of age plus 
2 hour Session for 6 to 8 players Includes Equipment Hire Unlimited Ammo.
Free Downloadable Party Invites
Additional Players £35pp