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Here at Bedlam Paintball  Games, we are thrilled to offer an utterly fantastic array of packages for all our adult paintballers. Whether it’s a rip-roaringly entertaining paintball stag party that you’re wanting or an unforgettable birthday battle royale, we’ve got you covered at Bedlam. We take great delight in arranging some of the most epically entertaining paintball scraps that Leicester has ever seen and no one leaves our battleground without a smile on their face. Here at Bedlam Paintball Games, we offer the following game zones and group events.

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Swinford Road, Shawell Woods, Lutterworth, LE17 4HP

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm


Go Bedlam

Go Bedlam

Session of Paintball Entry & Equipment Hire
Just Pay for your Paintballs on the Day.
Please Note:You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session


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Go Bedlam PLUS

Go Bedlam PLUS

Session, Equipment Hire & 100 Paintballs on the last game of the day


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Play Bedlam Paintball

Play Bedlam Paintball

Session, Equipment Hire & 300 Paintballs


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Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Book 12 or more players and get a Bunny Suit for the Stag worth £35 Free


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Game Arenas

Area 51
Berlin Wall
Designated Laser Tag Arena
Pykes Yard
The Maze
The Village of the Damned

GROUPS Parties 

Stag Party Paintball
Hen Party Paintballing
Corporate Events
Birthday Paintball Battles

Stag Party Paintball

A stag party needs to be memorable – when you put a bunch of mates together with a day of paintballing at our Bedlam site, memorable is exactly what you get! With so many brilliant Game Zones to do battle in and a fantastic number of game scenarios to be played out, a stag party at our awesome venue will be awesome from the first minute until last.

Paintballing is a frantic, exhilarating and utterly breathless experience and one that is simply perfect for a stag do with your mates prior to him being coerced down the aisle. Ganging up on the stag may not be actively encouraged by our friendly paintball wardens during your stag party event – but this always seems to be the done thing in our experience!

Half and full-day packages of all shapes and sizes are available for your stag party group at our Skirmish Combat Games venue and if it’s an adrenaline-soaked send-off you’re seeking, then paintballing is a perfect choice. Carnage will ensue from the minute the overalls are done until the stag begs for mercy at the end of the day.

The stags that have Experienced the Adventure at our Bedlam Paintball Games venue (and lived to tell the tale) have definitely got nothing to worry about in their married life if they’ve overcome being chased by multiple triggers, happy mates!

Hen Party Paintballing

An unbelievably entertaining hen party awaits the bride-to-be at our top class Bedlam Paintball Games site – which has seen more than its fair share of unforgettable hen parties! Paintballing is a great experience for any occasion but the added excitement of an impending wedding certainly ramps up the enjoyment even more.
Bedlam Paintball  Games has so many great events to keep hen parties occupied and paintballing really is a unique and unforgettable way to spend the day before the biggest day of the bride-to-be’s life. It will most likely be a mud-filled extravaganza, however, so it would be advisable for the wedding dress to stay firmly at home!

We boast an unparalleled line-up of hen party paintball packages at our Skirmish Combat Games site – and whether you’re just after a morning of gun-slinging or are after a full-day event, we have got you covered. A paintball hen party will provide so many talking points and memories and this is perfect to calm any pre-wedding cold feet.

Experience the Adventure of a Bedlam hen party by checking our Prices section now.

Birthday Paintball Battles

Paintball and birthday parties are a match made in heaven and our Bedlam Paintball  Games venue is the perfect place to get the two together. We offer a shed-load of fantastic paintballing packages carefully tailored to the needs of any particular birthday party and the fun will be off the charts from the first minute until last!

A birthday party which unfolds on the breathtaking terrains of Skirmish Combat Games will be a frantic, mad-dash and carnage packed roller coaster ride from beginning to end – with paintballs cascading in for all angles and battle-cries being bellowed (most often along the lines of “Destroy the Birthday Boy!”)

Paintballing truly is the best way to spend a birthday as it’s so interactive and adrenaline-soaked that every member of your party can’t fail to have a good time – and nowhere is that truer than on the sensational Game Zones.

If you want to Experience the Adventure of paintballing for yourself this birthday, just come on down to Bedlam Paintball Games – it will be a blast

Corporate Events

Overhead projections doing your head in? Are sales targets getting you stressed? Paintballing is the perfect stress reliever and here at Skirmish Combat Games, we boast an array of corporate paintball packages that is truly second to none.

Corporate days out are part and parcel of the modern business world but finding an activity that ticks all the right team-building and morale-boosting boxes can be problematic. Paintball, however, manages to tick all these boxes and so much more! The banter between employees will be flying as fast as the paintballs during a phenomenally entertaining day of action at our Skirmish Combat Games venue.

Whether money is no object or you’re on a tight budget, we will be able to find either a half-day or full-day paintball corporate package that more than fits the bill. We have well-trained paintball stewards who will ensure your corporate day out goes off without a hitch and that your employees leave with a renewed vigour and positive mindset.

Skirmish Combat Games is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of corporate paintballing packages and we will be delighted to let your staff Experience the Adventure in our many superb Game Zones – Book your corporate paintballing package today!

Junior Paintball

When it comes to thrills, spills and exhilarating action – nothing compares to paintballing and this goes a long way to explaining why our Teen Scene kids paintball packages here at Skirmish Combat Games are so popular. We boast great Game Zones and a phenomenal array of packages to pick from so all our kid’s paintball (12+) events leave the participants grinning.

Here at Skirmish Combat Games, we are delighted with the fantastic standard of our Teen Scene kids paintballing packages – we offer first-class stewards, a great range of battle scenarios and, quite simply, more fun than you can shake a stick at! We love introducing kids to the unbelievably exhilarating world of paintball and Teen Scene is the perfect way of doing this.

Our kid’s paintball events may look chaotic with paintballers running all over the shop – but you can rest assured that here at Bedlam Paintball Games, we plan all our Teen Scene events carefully to ensure they offer just the right intensity for the perfect day of kids paintballing mayhem.

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