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We welcome large groups of individuals, corporate groups, stag and hen parties. We have extensive experience in providing Corporate Days, which are renowned for team building benefits, with our solutions being tailored to your exacting needs. This combined with a shared experience at one of the many adjacent conference and leisure facilities can provide the ideal solution.

We have two session times;

9am to 12noon

1pm to 4pm

paintballing in hailshamGAME ZONES

This paintball game is set amongst some dense, dark and damp woodland. Both teams must work their way through the field, avoiding the sinking sand and swamp patches – once your in them you’ll at the mercy of the enemy. Good teamwork and communication will ensure that players stay on solid ground and are able to manouvere through the jungle terrain unscathed. A very tactial paintball game where you’ll need your wits about you.

Capture the Flag in an area of 50 metres square and there is a base at each end, and you have to battle your way through village to capture the oppositions flag and return it to your base. This is a great paintball game to use smoke bombs, paintball grenades and thunder flashes (over 18’s only). Really fast and furious with close paintball battles taking place through the woodland. Use the cover well as this will protect you from the opposition fire.

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Hailsham Nr. Heathfield, ,

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm


Go Bedlam

Go Bedlam

Session of Paintball Entry & Equipment Hire
Just Pay for your Paintballs on the Day.
Please Note:You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session


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Go Bedlam PLUS

Go Bedlam PLUS

Session, Equipment Hire & 100 Paintballs on the last game of the day


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Play Bedlam Paintball

Play Bedlam Paintball

Session, Equipment Hire & 300 Paintballs


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Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Stag & Hen Session, Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Book 12 or more players and get a Bunny Suit for the Stag worth £35 Free


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Heathfield paintballing Bedlam Paintball 2
This game zone is home to the impressive Fort where many paintball battles have taken place and heroes have been made. One team has to defend the Fort whilst the other attacks it form all angles. Both paintball teams have a chance to attack and show their skills and bravery. Teamwork is essential in this paintball game as you will need to cover your comrades back as the firepower starts to hot up!!

What lies between you and your paintball enemy is a undulating area of Eastbourne woodland. Once in this area of mounds you’ll need to be alert as the opposition can sneak up on you totally un-noticed and take you out the game. Work with your team-mate to flush the enemy out into the open and eliminate them to become victorious.

Bedlam Paintball Heathfield nr.Hailsham. The best paintballing deals in Heatfield.

Go Bedlam Paintballing at Heathfield nr. Hailsham  is a pay as you go package. The package includes entrance fees, game fees, paintball insurance, paintball marker gun, paintball hopper and propellant for the whole day.

HEATHFIELD PREMIER PAINTBALLING  VENUE ; Heathfield Park North gate,tower street,Heathfield,TN21 8PB