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This is a big zone and a tough mission. The Amazon Assault is one of the largest game zones, covering nearly 1.5 acres. The outline of the zone is in the shape of a huge pentagon. The field is very dense woodland and is located on a hill. At the very top of the field is a stream with several small water holes – bridges have been constructed over these water hazards. The base at the top of the hill is of vital strategic importance, you must control this base to secure victory for the allies.

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This field now recreates an epic conflict between the warring knights and army’s of Arthur and Mordred the Black Knight. As Arthurs knights, you will play a role in the defence of Camelot form Mordred’s marauding knights, who are eager to capture this stronghold. Come forth from the confines of Camelot Castle and reclaim the sword from the stone. Or maybe Mordred will win the day and proclaim himself the rightful King and bend the country to his own will!

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The church was once the centre for allied counterintelligence but has recently been occupied by the enemy who is now using it as their forward intelligence centre. Getting to the church across this terrain will be difficult enough. Once you have reached the church it must be stormed and all defending enemies flushed out. Only then will you secure victory!

The Enemy has occupied an island and is not planning on leaving. They have begun constructing two fortresses with an interconnecting bridge. One fortress stands higher than the other by approximately 3 feet. A running river surrounds the island, which is too wide to cross. There are only 2 bridges across the river. However, these are heavily defended by enemy units and will offer strong resistance.

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