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Bedlam Paintball Loughborough is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Immerse yourself in our exciting detailed, imaginative game scenarios and custom-built Game Zones.

Enter our military base, built by ex-special forces and immerse yourself in a fun, exhilarating, adventure where strategy, teamwork and imagination are key.

loughborough Bedlam Paintball Paintballing 1GAME ZONES

A prisoner has escaped from his cell, and dug under the walls of the Paintball North Leicester prison. Can you hunt him down and capture him before he gets away? You will need to act quickly, the latest reports are that he has armed himself and is making his way towards his getaway car. You need to work as a team to hunt him down and stop his movements, but make sure he doesn’t see you, or he may start shooting.

The key to this game zone is stealth. The enemy have stolen one of your computers which has lots of valuable information on, and could possibly lead to your destruction. They have retreated to their stronghold in the Paintball Leicester woodland. Can you sneak in and retrieve the computer before they manage to break in and gain all the intel? Your team needs your leadership to ensure the computer is returned safely.

An unexploded bomb has appeared on your scanners, lying in the middle of enemy territory. What will your approach be? Will you silently sneak into the enemy territory and arm the bomb? Or do you prefer to storm through the barricades coming in loud, and secure it by force? Whatever your approach make sure that you detonate that bomb and destroy the enemy. Use the Paintball North Leicester scenery to your advantage to ensure victory.

Bedlam Paintball Loughborough. The best paintballing deals in Loughborough.

Go Bedlam Paintballing Loughborough is a pay as you go package to play paintball in Loughborough. The package includes entrance fees, game fees, paintball insurance, paintball marker gun, paintball hopper and propellant for the whole day.

DERBY’S PREMIER PAINTBALLING VENUE; Cliffe lane, Markfield, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 9TE
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Cliffe lane, Markfield, Coalville, LE67 9TE

Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm


Play Bedlam Paintball

Session, Equipment Hire & 300 Paintballs


Absolute Bedlam Equipment Hire and 500 Paintballs

Ideal Package for a Stag & Hen Party .
The cost is per person


Game Bedlam - (Schools Only) 5 Games over 3 hrs 400 paintball

Game Bedlam for Schools & Youth Groups Only is Specially Designed Fixed Cost Product for Schools and Youth Groups Package for ages 12 to 17 (Weekday only) 400 Paintballs . Min Group Size 16 Players

5 Games (80 paintballs per game) over 3 hours


Game Bedlam Lite - ( Schools Only) 5 Games over 3 hrs 250 paintball

For Schools and Youth Group Only ,package for ages 11 to 17: 3 Hour session with 5 x Games and 250 Paintballs (50 paintballs per game). Min Group Size 16 Players


Go Bedlam - Equipment Hire & Entry Only

Session of Paintball Entry & Equipment Hire
Just Pay for your Paintballs on the Day.
Please Note:You will use on average 300 to 600 paintballs in a session