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f you have ever played video combat games and enjoyed the thrill well you can now play for real. We will kit you out with all the gear provided including protective clothing, and weapons with sensors firmly attached to caps and markers and it’s time for the real action.

YOU are now ready to play BATTLEFIELD LIVE.

Battlefield Live is an ideal alternative to paintballing where you can enjoy all the excitement and adrenalin rush without the risk of being bruised by a stray paintball pellet. Battlefield Live is played in pretty much the same way as paintball with various activities available such as Team Death Match, Capture the Base, Last Man Standing and team mission objectives. The biggest difference between the two sports is the weapons used. Battlefield Live weapons do not fire projectiles but instead fire an infrared beam of light that activates sensors fitted to various pieces of your opponent’s kit that flash red indicating a successful hit. These sensors shine red continuously and are highly visible to prevent cheating, and once a player has used it all their lives, it will deactivate their marker.

There are several benefits to the Battlefield Live system due to the weapons not needing to be loaded with ammunition. You will find that the weapons are always ready to fire when you are, there is no need to cart ammunition around. There are no physical projectiles such as paintball pellets. This means that your shots are not affected by the wind, players do not have to wear protective masks, do not get hurt and are not weighed down with heavy padding and protective gear.

It’s as close as you can get to a REAL combat experience.

Battlefield Live South Tyneside provides exciting, team-oriented combat games suitable for anyone aged 6 years to 60 years young. Battlefield Live is a new combat experience that is taking the world by storm and is currently operating in more than 30 countries. The patented Battlefield Live markers are made by Battlefield Sports and are the result of years of research and development and are based on infra-red light technology, which is totally safe and is used by the Royal Marine Commandos for combat simulation training. The Battlefield Live markers fire an invisible infra-red beam up to 200 metres and come with great realistic sound effects.

You can play Battlefield Live in all weather, all year round and even in the snow. At Battlefield Live we specialise in organising team-building combat activities that help promote your team-building skills. The Battlefield Live team create combat missions that will encourage corporate teams to achieve realistic goals through team cooperation and organisation. Battlefield Live is a combat experience that everyone can enjoy on an equal playing field whether you are a beginner or a practised combat game veteran.

Bedlam Lasertag  South Tyneside is the exciting combat-based outdoor activity offered at Scott’s House Farm, Newcastle Road, West Boldon, NE36 0BE Outdoor Lasetag activities are perfect for birthday parties, team building events, school outings, stag and hen parties, corporate events or just a great day out with your friends.

A19 from the South or North

From the A19 Testos roundabout at Boldon take the A184 to Newcastle, approx 3/4 mile from the roundabout on the left you will see a large house with a wall along the front, at the end of the wall turn on the left.  Follow the track to the farm where you will see a large shed with signs for Battlefield Live.

From the A1M
From the A194 to Whitemore Pool roundabout take the A184 to Sunderland, continue along the dual carriageway to the A19 Testos roundabout, continue around the roundabout and exit returning back along the A184 to Newcastle.  From the roundabout we are approx 3/4 mile on the left, you will see a large house with a wall.  Turn left at the end of the wall and follow the track to the farm where you will see a large shed with signs for Battlefield Live.

From Newcastle Gateshead A194

Take the A194 Felling bypass heading to Sunderland, and continue on this road until you reach the A19 Testos roundabout at Boldon.  Continue around the roundabout returning back on the A184 to Newcastle.  From the roundabout, we are approx 3/4 mile on the left.  You will see a large house with a wall, turn left at the end of the wall and follow the track to the farm where you will see a large shed with signs for Battlefield Live.

Scott’s House Farm, Newcastle Road, West Boldon NE36 0BE

Battlefield Live is situated on the grounds of Scott’s House Farm, on the outskirts of West Boldon.  Ample free parking

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Scott's House Farm, Newcastle Road, West Boldon, NE36 0BE

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Lasertag Group Session

Outdoor Lasertag for 8 years of age plus 
2 hour Session for 6 to 8 players Includes Equipment Hire Unlimited Ammo.
Free Downloadable Party Invites
Additional Players £35pp