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Basic Paintball Rules

By June 22, 2012No Comments

Knowing some basic paintball rules will make your first game much more enjoyable. So, Anna @BedlamPaintball brings you basic paintball rules that will help you on your way.

Eliminations and Markings

basic paintball rulesAccording to the American Paintball League’s rules for tournament paintball, “A player is eliminated from the game when he is marked anywhere on his body, clothing or equipment with a quarter-sized or larger splat caused by a direct hit from a single paintball.” The size of the splat that indicates elimination may vary from tournament to tournament and field to field. Tournaments may also have rules for other kinds of marks, including the size of combined splats.

Other considerations will be: who to eliminate if two players are hit at the same time (usually both), what a player should do if they think they’re hit but can’t see the mark, how persistent a player is in seeking verification from a referee, etc.


Many fields will expect you to follow their recommendations for surrender. In other words, if you are 5, 10, 15 or even 20 feet from an opposing player, you should ask them to surrender. If they fire at you instead of surrendering, you are usually free to return fire.

Referees and Judges

The decisions of referees or judges (tournaments) are final. Arguing with a referee will get you eliminated from the game. If you need to dispute a point with a referee, wait until after the game.

Age Limit

basic paintball rulesAll commercial paintball fields will have an age limit as paintball is not a game for young children. Paint balls travel at high speed and can cause bruises and welts even through clothing. A paint ball accidentally hitting someone in the eye can cause permanent damage. Players must accept the risk of serious injury and sign a waiver to that effect.


Climbing on bunkers, structures, buildings, logs and trees is not usually allowed in tournaments or on commercial paintball fields. Altering structures, trenches or bunkers is also not allowed. However, both these things may actually be encouraged in scenario games.

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