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Bear Grylls picks paintball battle with schoolboy

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Bear Grylls

Everyone’s second favourite televised woodsman (after Ray Mears) is now facing what could be his toughest challenge to date. Not happy with scaling Mount Everest, fighting crocodiles, sleeping inside camels and, literally, offending native tribal elders on TV, the plucky adventurist is now gearing up for a battle against 18 year old schoolboy Aiden Pipe from Gelnwood.

A paintball battle that is!

His new TV show, called Solo Beat Bear (possibly an even worse name than his previous Man vs Wild) will see him face up to several individual opponents at challenges of their choosing.

Aiden’s idea, for which he has already won $10,000 (awesome!) is to strap five balloons to both him and Bear and then battle it out on the paintball field. The winner is the last balloon standing.

Despite already having scooped ten large ones, Aiden seems genuinely touched to be facing his idol, saying:

My goal is to make it into the special forces in the army and it will be a privilege to meet him.

Fortunately for Aiden, we’ve seen many players come into Bedlam Paintball thinking that their extensive military history will stand them in good stead in the GameZone, and it might, but we know that, in paintball, it’s quite often just the luck of the draw.

Go Aiden, land one for us!

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