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Bedlam Worldwide: PSP Events

By April 3, 2012No Comments

Paintball Sports Promotions is to America what Bedlam is to the United Kingdom and as part of Bedlam Worldwide, Mike @BedlamPaintball explores who PSP Events are and whats next.

By their own admission PSP Events “is the most experienced provider of tournaments in the Paintball Industry”. It’s almost a “corporate” styled entity of manufacturers, distributors, paintball players and field owners: all of whom have one thing in common- the love of paintball and a determination to see the game evolve.

And lets not kid ourselves, their tournaments are massive and held all over the US. Infact nothing near this scale of sportsmanship exists in the UK paintballing world, yet.
The paintballing teams get televised on ESPN, get sponsorship from all sorts of companies and are provided a fortunate platform to play with.

Having followed American paintballing for quite a few years now, I believe it’s their “RaceTo” format that PSP play with that made them the success they are today. Way back in 2010 they made a strategic move to make their tournament and possible practices fairer for professional teams that had less funds to practice with which more than boosted the PSP profile with wide acclaim. PSP have invented a system which not only encourages new players but still ultimately rewards those who possess the best paintballing skills.

That’s our brief introduction to PSP Events and we’ll be closely following their current tournament where they’ll be in Arizona for the PSP Phoenix Open which kicks off on the 20th – 22nd this April where we’ll also discuss the PSP rules, the teams background successes and their scoring system.

Stay tuned!

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