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Paintball Aberdeen – Behind The Scenes @ Bedlam

By July 21, 2010 One Comment

Paintball Aberdeen marshall Kyle Glass

From how Game Zones are created to who does what, this is the first in a series of chats with the people that keep Bedlam going behind the scenes. Just like MTV’s Cribs, but without the ridiculous houses, this is your chance to find out what goes into every paintball game, and what to expect when you visit your first ever site. This week I caught up with Kyle Glass, a Bedlam Paintball Aberdeen marshall and an all-round good guy, to talk me through his day.

Tell us a little about yourself Kyle

I am 21, and have been working at Bedlam for about 14 months now. I am a paintball marshal and my staff and I make sure every person that walks through our doors has an enjoyable, memorable and, above all, safe day out.

What made you choose to work in paintball for a living?

Its not like any other job is it? The level of interaction you have is unmatched elsewhere. The day begins by being simply the customer’s marshal, but by the end of the day you’re friends! My facebook friend list has doubled since I started work here. It has gotten to the point that I might be walking down the streets of Brechin or in a bar in Aberdeen and ill have people coming up to me saying “Hey man, Remember me? You were my Team Leader”.

What can you tell us about your site, Bedlam Paintball Aberdeen? Any favourite bits?

*laughs* Can I say the staff? Well it’s the biggest site outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh. We’ve plenty of room for our player to run about in, and, with the extra space, we hope to expand soon. No specifics yet though I’m afraid, but we have a few projects in development that I think our fans will love.

Sounds intriguing, what’s been going on recently?

Without a doubt one of the best groups that I had the pleasure of marshalling played just a couple of weeks ago. A fellow from Forfar, Tam, decided to have his Stag do here. I have never seen a man get shot so many times in one game!

You must see allsorts happening on site, what advice would you give someone who was coming along for a day?

Definitely listen to your marshal. They’re experienced and they know the site like the back of their hand. We’d be able to give players handy hints and tips about each game and its objectives so they can really get the most out of it first-time. Above all though, they’re here to make sure you have a fun and enjoyable day out….and to win, of course.

Klye Glass of Bedlam Paintball Aberdeen taking aim

Putting your job to one side, what makes paintball so much fun?

Paintball is one of the best ways to let your inner ‘wild child’ surface without being called immature.

I’m guessing you love coming to work everyday?

Definitely, it’s all about job satisfaction and experience. It’s great to meet different players. The ones that have played before I have found myself learning from, and it’s good to pass my experience on to the first-timers too. As long as our players are happy when they leave at the end of the day, I know we’ve done our jobs.

Back to Bedlam now, what made you choose to be a paintball marshal here?

Bedlam has some big sites under it’s belt and therefore has the capacity to keep improving and expanding. I think it’s definitely one of the things that keeps bringing people back to us, as they’re always looking forward to what the next Game Zone or scenario will bring.

Is there such a thing as an average day at Bedlam Paintball Aberdeen?

Um, I don’t think i could put an ‘average day out’ stamp on what happens here in the Edzell Woods, every day is different. The essentials are all the same though: we meet and greet the customers in the morning, give them their equipment for the day, and then give them a detailed safety. Then we divide up into teams and get the Game Zone briefs. After that it’s time to play! Its the customers that supply the banter and make the memories, we just supply the tools to do it.

Okay, we’re done. Thanks a lot Kyle, it’s been good chatting about what goes into your day. Before we go though, sum up the Aberdeen site in 5 words.

Guaranteed experienced great day out?

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