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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Approaches

By October 24, 2011No Comments

“You think I am mad. But soon you shall see…that every move, every strike…was meant to bring us to this…” – Modern Warfare Trailer

We probably all saw the Modern Warfare 3 trailer when it debuted in May, and now Activision has released a second cinematic thrill ride for us to drool upon.

For all paintball and 1st person shooter lovers out there, prepare for a wild ride!

The trailer reveals battles on the ocean, tanks in England, the Eiffel Tower crashing and burning, and New York City’s buildings being knocked down like a kid knocks down LEGO bricks.

The ending presents the newly famous WW3 sign turn into MW3, and that’s it.

The trailer is cinematic to say the least, and I’m sure that the gameplay won’t be short of any action and super fast first person shooting. The story seems quite engaging already, as we speculate why WW3 will come to be in the game. But in the end, it’s the gameplay that will determine whether it will be a well received game or not.

Judging by the other Call of Duty games, I’m counting on this being a massive success, even in the event that it’s not got great gameplay. But I’ve got to give it to the Trailer editors; they’ve done an outstanding job, bringing video games ever so close to an actual movie experience.

In my own experience, one can learn from first person shooters and apply what you’ve learned into paintball. To be honest, if it weren’t for first person shooters (and some movies) I probably wouldn’t have touched a paintball field in the first place. And the first time I played paintball, I kind of felt like I was in a movie or game, holding my paintball gun for the first time and moving with the team in order to defeat our opponents. There was an incredible thrill that rushed through my body; I felt like I was playing a game, only I was in it!

And I think that’s what paintball is – it’s the game without the controls and TV screen. It’s a sport. And a competitive one at that.

I’d say check out the trailer and see what you think of it. It’s mixed with cut scenes and gameplay clips, so we can get a taste of what gameplay graphics will be like. But I do have to say one thing: I love the music!

Modern Warfare 3 is out November 4th guys, so stay tuned and stay ready!

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