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Countdown to Modern Warfare 3: 10 weeks and counting…

By August 18, 2011No Comments

Modern Warfare 3

Continuing our countdown towards the release of CoD: MW3, Activision(the makers of the series) have let a few spec details slip on their blog – or rather one of their employee’s blogs. Their Social Media Manager, Dan Amrich, had this to say about how MW3 will be a step up from its predecessor.

Spec Ops Survival mode has been the focus lately, but as with MW2, there are still co-op Missions within Spec Ops, too. There will be a ranking system that tracks your progress through both modes, so you will be able to see if your random partner is as experienced as you are. What’s more, the modes are symbiotic: As you rank up in Survival, you will unlock new Mission modes, and if you score well in the Mission modes, you will unlock maps and weapons for Survival. They build on each other, which is nice. But that ranking system covers both modes — it’s unified, so you will have an overall Spec Ops rank. And that’s totally different from whatever you might wind up doing in the game’s other single or multiplayer modes.

And for the couch co-op commandos, you will be very happy to hear that Spec Ops offers split-screen co-op play. I know to a lot of people who have many gamers but one console in their homes, this is huge — it was a common topic for letters back at OXM among family members with different gamer tags but one Xbox for the family. That won’t be a problem for MW3 Spec Ops.”

Great stuff, though no big surprises for any die-hard fans I guess. One good bit of news is that GAME have just announced that they will be featuring MW3 at their annual convention in Birmingham – GAMEfest – from the 16th – 18th September, and this will be the very first opportunity anyone in the UK will have to play the game and a whole two months ahead of its release. You can get tickets here.

And finally for this round-up, a new game-play trailer released has shown for the first time the new multiplayer levels that Activision have been hinting at and some of the improved spec-ops too…not long now folks.

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