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Design a Game Zone for Bedlam Paintball!

By July 29, 2011 No Comments

Design a paintball game zone

Okay everybody, summer is here and more of you than ever are passing through our gates – so we want to give something back! Our paintball venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee/Aberdeen are built around custom-made Game Zones which we believe are the best in Scotland – and we’re now thinking of ways to create the best zone yet.

And this is where you come in – the guys and girls who are out there enjoying our games.

Instead of using our usual designers, we want to throw a competition open to everyone that’s ever been to Bedlam Paintball, and anyone who hasn’t been but knows what they would love to see on a visit. The competition is simple, but very very cool.

Design a new Game Zone for Bedlam and our favourite entry will be built, and the winner gets first go!

So how does that sound? Feeling creative and up for the challenge?

We don’t want to bog you down in restrictions and criteria just yet, so just let your imagination run wild and start drawing exactly what you’d like to play. Doesn’t matter one bit to us if it’s scribbled on the back of a takeaway menu and scanned in, or built using some fancy 3D rendering programme – we just want you to be creative.

If you’ve ever had any ideas about how Bedlam could be even better, this is your chance to really make an impact on how our venues move forward – and your Game Zone will be immortalised for everyone to play on! Maybe you’ll be inspired by Call of Duty, or perhaps the recent crop of zombie movies have given you some tasty paintball ideas – you choose everything.

Think you can design a good game, give it a name and create an exciting story and mission for it? If so sit down and put your great ideas onto paper and watch this space for what to do next.If you need some inspiration, check out our current paintball Game Zones.

We’ll release more information as soon as possible, but for now get drawing, tell your mates & spread the word: Bedlam are looking for the best Game Zone Designer out there!

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Bedlam Paintball UpdateThe Bedlam booking office is OPEN and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back.

Scottish Government guidelines have Permitted that Paintball is  exempt and is an activity that can still be attended by groups .


Booking Office are open  

Monday to Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm

All our venue are fully Covid secure.

Spaces are limited at our venues at the weekend due Covid Rules 

Bookings during the week require at least  12 players depending on the venue.

We look forward to welcoming you all back very soon!

The Bedlam Team