Edinburgh Outdoor Laser Tag  Movie Set Game Zones

Edinburgh Outdoor Laser Tag Movie Set Game Zones

The ultimate Outdoor Laser Tag venue in Edinburgh, with superb movie-set game zones packed with features to deliver the very best birthday parties, corporate events and days out.Bedlam Outdoor Laser tag Edinburgh  is an exciting laser combat game using state of the art Experience being part of a real life computer game set outdoors with  over 8 games zones.Bedlam Laser tag at Edinburgh is the perfect choice for corporate and school groups seeking a team-building activity with a twist; hen, stag and birthday parties looking for an experience to remember; plus groups of friends who simply want an action-packed day away from their normal routine.

Outdoor Lasertag Edinburgh Game Zones

Outdoor Lasertag Edinburgh




Laser Tag Equipment

A state-of-the-art team game using infra-red light called laser tag equipment. When asked “What is Laser Tag?” we describe it as an all action, zero impact, action game played outside in the fresh air by all ages from 8 upwards. If you play the XBox, PLAYSTATION you will love this. As popular video games such as Halo2, Call of Duty, Quake and Counterstrike can now be played for real.

These beams are shot from high tech, easy to use equipment that is held by each player. Sensors on each player pick up the beam of light that is shot from the other team and if these are hit the player loses “life force”. In some games you can respawn or call for medic.

The Predator is top of the range lasertag equipment made of dense machined aluminium that features a red dot scope, adjustable stock, and can be fashioned with all of your favorite accessories. This is the “Middle Weight” of the different models. Easily wielded by all ages, this one is favored for the quickness in which it may be manipulated in the field (from Assault to Sub-Machine etc.).This equipment for laser tagging has Approx. 600 Feet Effective Daylight Range 25mmLens Unlimited Configurations (Scope, Stock, Weaver Rails Optional) Add your own Clips, handles, lights, and scopes to create the ultimate assault tagger!Lithium Polymer Battery 5.25 Pounds loaded/3 pounds bare (Great for younger players)Signature Clam Shell Design Machined Billet Aluminum, Anodized to one of 8 colours you choose This is the ultimate Lasertag equipment and really takes the weilder into the heart of the action.

Laser Tag Players Edinburgh

Play Outdoor Laser tag at Bedlam Edinburgh and enjoy a best price state-of-the-art, all action, safe, zero-impact, team game. Laser tag Edinburgh particularly suits teenagers who enjoy combat games and are familiar with the concept from computer games, making it an ideal fun and exciting way to enjoy your 16th and/or 18th Birthday parties.  Laser tag is also ideal for Corporate Team Building days, Family Fun Days, Youth Groups, Stag parties, Hen weekends, Birthday celebrations.In Laser tag games there is NO projectile involved with outdoor laser-gaming, No goggles, No masks, no protective gear needed. Laser tag attracts a much broader market as there is no bruising, unlike paintball, where all sexes enjoy the game.

Lasertag Hen Party

You can play outdoor laser tag games from 8 years of age.We’re not just for birthday parties. Our excellent laser tag sessions are perfect school groups; boarding house activities, reward days, enrichment week and end of term activity days.

Outdoor Lasertag Edinburgh

Our instructors are used to working with big groups of children of ages 8+ so all you’ll have to do is bring them along and we’ll take care of running the session.



Bedlam Outdoor Laser Tag Facilities Edinburgh Walk-through Tour

Bedlam Laser Tag  Edinburgh also features Bedlam’s usual high-end facilities and top-notch equipment. What’s more, Bedlam Laser tag Edinburgh is constantly raising the bar with new game scenarios and the very latest equipment. The Best Birthday Party Venue in Edinburgh.



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