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Extreme Bedlam Package: A Joint Stag and Hen Party

By June 17, 2012No Comments

We receive many emails everyday from our clients, one of the most recent we have is from an event coordinator named Denise. We had her and her friends last week at Bedlam Edinburgh as they celebrated a joint stag and hen party with our Extreme Bedlam Package. Below is her post about their experience.

extreme bedlam packageLet me start off by saying that I am an event coordinator. I have organized events from school activities, to weddings, stag and hen parties, birthdays, debuts, and big corporate events. It’s something that I enjoy doing because I get to explore a lot of things and the happy faces and “Thank You’s” of my clients are very rewarding (aside from the pay, of course J). In my job, I see to it that each event is tailored-fit to my clients and I heed to their requests as much as I can. I encounter many crazy requests; from a zombie-themed wedding to organizing a sky diving proposal.

The most challenging event I had so far was just over, my sister’s wedding. The groom is very easy to deal with but my sister is a total bridezilla (I love you sissy!). She can’t make up her mind on just about everything, except on choosing her groom, of course.

As her maid-of-honor and wedding coordinator, she and a lot of people are expecting an awesome bridal shower. That’s not all; my husband is the groom’s best man. And naturally, my hubby asked me to organize the stag party as well. So, I decided to have a joint stag and hen party.

Although I organized a lot of stag and hen parties in the past, I want this to be extra special. I know that the groom and his friends go on paintball weekends as often as they can. My sister never tried paintball, but I guess this is the perfect opportunity for her to try his husband-to-be’s hobby, right?

extreme bedlam packageI scouted the internet for awesome paintball deals and stumbled upon Bedlam Paintball. I checked several packages online and gave them a call to verify and book the event.  I booked their Extreme Bedlam package because it got everything we need: 8 game scenarios, the paintballs, paintball guns (or marker, as they call it), the uniforms, and the helmets. As an added Bonus, you’ll also get team photos which you can download in their Facebook Page.  A £5 million public liability insurance is also included in the package, though you don’t probably need it with all the safety equipment and guidelines that they have throughout the game.

When we arrived, we were greeted by their very friendly staff. They were very accommodating from beginning to end. We were assigned a team leader who briefs us about the game, rules and regulations, safety, and how to use the equipment. This part is especially beneficial to us girls, being first timers.

I’ll be honest that we are all scared to try it at first because paintball has a reputation of being painful. But, as the one who organized the event, I have to step on that field and fire my first shot. Obviously, I hit those stuff that are used for hiding (they call it bunkers).  The other girls eventually followed my lead and before we know it, we are actually having fun and getting more and more aggressive. It’s the first time I saw my sister get down and crawled on the ground.  It’s really amazing what paintball can do.

At the end of the day, I got a couple of bruises which I do not know where I exactly got. Everybody is actually in pain but it’s ALL WORTH IT. In fact, we decided to do it again next month. We were talking about the experience even after the wedding. It’s a stag and hen party like no other, better than Vegas if I do say so myself. Thanks Bedlam for this wonderful experience, we’ll surely be back soon.


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