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Forget the virtual stress relievers this winter!

By November 26, 2010No Comments

Paintball: a real stress reliever

Afraid it’s here already. Like I said yesterday, today is what’s known as Black Friday – the ‘official’ start of the Christmas shopping season. It doesn’t seem that long ago it was summer? I hope our top 5 paintball stocking fillers was at least helpful in getting started but, if not, don’t worry, as it’s been proven that apparently one of the reasons December is so full of parties and ‘socialising’ is that they act as natural stress relievers.

I was reading an article which suggested that, as everyone is so busy throughout December, they don’t have time to carry out their usual stress-relieving activities (round of golf, the gym, slobbing out in front of a DVD marathon etc), so people naturally turn to parties and drinks instead.

Well I think that’s rubbish. You should always make just a little time to do whatever you fancy to keep you motivated and driven, and I don’t mean those little desk-stop stress reliever games either. If you’re going to play games or get some exercise to clear your head this festive season, at least make it something you enjoy. So, when you really deserve a wee break from family and all that food, treat yourself to something you love. Even if it is a round of golf.

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