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Go-Pro camera systems (which I love) sell themselves as “The Worlds Most Versatile Camera”, even their brand new Go-Pro Hero3 recording system has set a new precedent in paintball game recording. But there’s a new guy in town…

The issue with Go-Pro is that it isn’t true First-person perspective, you need to mount the camera on your marker, shoulder or helmet. That is until Google Glass came around.

Google Glass is a head mounted computer and fits on your head like a pair of sunglasses, providing a snug fit. Google Glass allows for hands-free voice activated controlling and among many other features can record top quality video and audio, from an actual first-person perspective.

Currently the Glasses are not being sold, however they are being tested by many fascinating extreme sports fans around the world. And luckily, a paintballer got his hands on the Google Glass system.

With the Google Glass titanium band (that hugs the computer to your face) fitting perfectly underneath the protective lens of a Paintball mask, you wouldn’t need to worry about damaging the $1,500 system.

The only downside is that you can only record 25 minutes of footage before Google Glass runs out of power. But with all the functionality of Google Glass, we fully expect this fine piece of hardware to lead the way in paintball video recording in the years to come.

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