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Groupon & Wowcher Paintballing Vouchers

Your always best going to the paintball company directly before thinking about buying a Groupon or Wowcher Paintballing  voucher

Groupons and are great way of saving money, but they cost the business tremendously. When you pay £10 for a Groupon or Wowcher Paintball Day that gives you a £150 value, the merchant gets nothing. If you just mention the Groupon or Wowcher without buying it, you could get a similar deal from the company directly.

Bedlam Paintball has over 100 venues uk wide and can you a great deal when deal directly.

Instead of buying online, try going directly to the merchant and ask them for a similar deal (you might have to check in with the manager). Savvy business owners realise if they say no, you’ll just buy they coupon online and they’ll get less money.  I’ve done it dozens of times with great success on other products. Money stays local and both I and the merchant saves a bit of money.
Its always good to support the company your buying from rather than the world wide Groupon or Wowcher who is only interested in the company profits.

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