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Guidelines to Keep Paintballing Fun and Safe

By February 24, 2012No Comments

Paintball is an adrenalin rushing game which fulfills every man’s (and woman’s) fantasy with guns. The best thing about it is the fact that it’s non lethal, it’s legal, and it’s fun. Although paintballing won’t kill anyone, it’s still considered an extreme sport in which players should take extra precaution to avoid injuries. Below are basic guidelines to keep paintballing fun and safe.


This includes at least two layers of clothing, some paddings especially for women players, scarf to protect the throat, gloves, boots, and most importantly, the mask. The mask should be worn at all times when in the battle field and should only be removed when all loaded guns are properly plugged. The most severe injuries from paintballing occur when players remove their masks in while still in the battlefield.


People usually do crazy things when under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, and even prescription medicines. Because of this, people who are intoxicated are never allowed to play paintball as this may cause injury on themselves and on other people.


Most paintball shops have paintball chronographs that can measure the speed of paintball. Ideal velocity for paintballs is under 300 FPS (feet per second) or 280 FPS. In fact, 280 FPS alone can cause small bruises; 300 FPS and more can cause severe and painful welts and even broken skin.


Each loaded marker should be plugged with a barrel plug when not in use. Never trust your gun or even a manufacturer’s guarantee that your markers will never accidentally fire. Safety should always be your priority, as they say “prevention is better than cure”.


A lot of players, especially the beginners, are tempted to stick their gun out and hope for lady luck to hit an opponent. Though this may be a good strategy to keep yourself from being booted out of the field, this is very dangerous because you might accidentally hit people who are leaving the game zone, the referees, and other objects that you shouldn’t shoot.

To play this game safely, you need to be properly equipped and follow the safety guidelines above. However, all these guidelines and those high end equipment will be put to waste if you will not use your common sense. So I believe it is best to say that the best tip of all is to use one’s common sense all the time – in and out of the paintball game zone.

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