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How painful in paintball compared to airsoft?

By August 25, 2011No Comments

Does paintball hurt more than airsoft?

Good morning,

Regular readers will know that airsoft isn’t something we’ve really touched on before on this blog, mainly as we’ve never played it and it’s simply never came up in conversation. However, a quick scan of the web will tell anyone paintball fans are generally airsoft fans too – or they’re the opposite: diehard fans of each and never a fan of both. Either way, a common question we get is ‘does paintball hurt?’. We’ve discussed a few times before, so let’s tackle another popular question out there: pain-wise, what is paintball like compared to airsoft?

Good question, let’s go!

First of all, for those not in the know, airsoft isn’t those foam things you used to get for Christmas (Nerf anybody?) but it is in fact like paintball, but usually uses replica guns that fire non-metallic pellets. Obviously players wear similar safety gear and likewise its largely scenario-based. So all-in-all pretty similar to paintball but without the fun bit – the paint.

I’ve never played airsoft, so unfortunately I’m going on crowd-sourcing information I’ve just pulled from various discussions and forums. The consensus seems to be that (a) neither really hurt too much, it’s nothing more than a quick sting and then game on, and (b) being hit by a paintball is more fun, as the projectile itself is bigger and heavier, and the impact is greater. Whereas, apparently, being hit by an airsoft projectile stings but they essentially just ping off you.

As always though, you never know until you try. Find out where your nearest airsoft field is perhaps and give them a call and, if you have any questions whatsoever about paintball, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email too.

I found this odd little YouTube video of two guys testing this very debate, all in the name of science you understand. Of course we don’t condone the lack of safety gear, but we do condone the test-dummy’s bravery in volunteering!

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