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How the Pattern of Your Hits Reveal Something About You as a Shooter

By July 6, 2012No Comments

Anna @BedlamPaintball discuss how the pattern of your hits to your target reveal something about you as a shooter.

paintball hit pattern The road to being a pro paintball player is not easy. Players went through the trial and error stage. You first aim, shoot, and miss, and through that, you will have a baseline on how you are going to fire your next shot. So, I guess we could say that playing paintball is indeed a game where physics and geometry applies. But aside from science, shooting a target with accuracy also comes from within. You may have the perfect angle but you still miss, this could be caused by the pattern of your hits. Find out our how The pattern of your hits to the target will reveal something about you as a shooter.

1. If you’re hitting in a horizontal pattern across the bull’s eye and across the target, you’re moving when you pull the trigger. Stand as still as possible without jerking the trigger and without jerking your gun. This will give you the best result. Keep practicing and you’ll see the difference. The longer you remain still while pulling the trigger the more often you’re going to hit the center of the target.

2. If you’re hitting around and below the bull’s eye, but never quite in the center of the target, you’re not breathing steadily. You could be excited and breathing too fast when you’re pulling the trigger. Calm down, breathe slowly and your shots will start hitting the middle of the target more often.

3. If you find that your hits are all over the place, you need to learn to aim properly with your particular marker. Practice, practice and more practice is the answer to this problem.

Backyard targets that reset themselves as you use them make target practice almost effortless.

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