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Paintball Tactics

How To Be A Good Leader

By November 21, 2011No Comments

So it’s your turn to be the team leader in the next round of paintball. But how to be a leader? What do you need to do? Being a team leader is not that difficult. We all have it in us, and we just need to get it out in this time of need. Before you choose to become a team leader, you must first know your responsibilities. Let’s look at what a team leader does.

Makes decisions – As a team leader you have the final word. If your team agreed that you are leader for this round, they have also agreed that even if you make a decision they do not agree with, the will follow it. As a leader there is more pressure as your team is looking up to you for advice and strategy, and assigning roles. You must know what’s best for the group, and what the most efficient way to win is.

Assigns Roles – A team leader may have to assign roles. That is, you must assess your team and decide who is best made for which role, because this will be the most efficient way to win. But as leader your responsibility also lies within keeping the group content. If there is strong opposition to a role you assigned to someone, you have to take that into account and figure out if the discontentment is worth the change of roles or not.

Strategy – As you have the final say on things, you also get to have the final say on what strategy you are going to use. Are you going to play offensively or defensively? Are you going to go in fast, or slow? Split up, or stay together? This will finally be up to you. You have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of a strategy, and consult your team on what to do in certain situations. You don’t have to exactly be the brains of the strategy, you just need to be the final word.

Keeps the spirit up – As team leader it is your job to keep the hopes of the group up. If your team is losing badly and is down, it’s your job to stay optimistic and lead them into the light. If heads are down, you pull them back up with encouraging words, praise, and even if you think you won’t win this time (even though you will!), this is what you have to do. This is your team for now, and therefore it is your responsibility to get your team into its best performance.

These are the basic roles of being a team leader, and they apply both to paint ball and also to real life. But remember, being leader is fun. It feels good! And don’t be embarrassed if you just made a bad decision, so what? It’s a freaking paint ball game after all, and you’ve just learned a valuable lesson.

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