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How to Choose the Best Paintball Marker?

By December 5, 2012No Comments

How to Choose the Best Paintball Marker?


Do you enjoy paintball? If yes, then you would know how the right paintball gun can change your entire game. The right paintball gun increases your accuracy and speed. It is easier to hold and you feel more confident playing with it. Buying the right gun helps you save up on the renting charges and also gives you the freedom to customise your gun to suit your personality. The thought of holding a customised paintball gun while playing a tournament seems very appealing, doesn’t it? Well then what are you waiting for? Use these steps and start your hunt for the ideal paintball gun right away.


Analyse your gaming style


Before you invest your money on a paintball gun you should analyse your gaming style. What kind of a player are you? Do you shoot aggressively or do you save your paintballs and use them only when you have a clear shot? Once you know your gaming style, you will be able to pick a gun that suits you best.


If you are an aggressive shooter then you probably need to choose a gun that has a large paintball loader. But if you are a careful shooter then you can chose a lighter gun with a moderately sized paintball loader. If you are particular about the accuracy of your shots then you should opt for a gun with a long barrel. But a longer barrel increases the weight of the gun. So before you make a decision, prioritise the features that you would like to have in your gun.


How to pick a paintball gun for a beginner?


If you are a beginner and have been playing the game for barely any time, then its better that you buy a complete package. A complete package will include all the equipment that you require. Check if the package includes the paintball gun or the paintball marker, a hopper or paintball loader, paintballs, face mask and a CO2 tank.


If this is your first paintball gun, then don’t go overboard and purchase a very fancy one. Choose a paintball in the moderate level. Since you can’t be sure about your playing style at the beginner level don’t make the mistake of choosing a gun that is too heavy or too small. Choose a gun that is easy to use and clean. But make sure you buy the gun from a reputed company so that you can use it for however long you want to.


Do some research on the variety of paintball guns available


Don’t make your purchase in haste, be patient and do some research on the variety of guns that are available. Read up on all the features that the gun offers. Usually, a good gun is durable and has the option to be upgraded in the future. If the gun can be upgraded, then you can keep customising it according to your evolving gaming style. So try and choose a gun with this feature.


If you want you can also rent out a paintball gun to see if you are comfortable using it or not. In the end whatever model you choose, make sure that you are comfortable using it. If the gun is uncomfortable to load or hold then you won’t have as much fun while playing. So keep comfort as your first priority.


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