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Paintball Tactics

How To Defend Your Base

By December 2, 2011No Comments

A lot of my recent articles have been dedicated to the offensive side of paintball, so now is the time I will focus a little more on the defensive side. Defense is just as important as offense. If you’re playing a flag game, you definitely need defense, as you need to guard your flag. There are several ways to guard your flag, ranging from standing right in front of it, to hiding in the bushes. You can also place as many players as you want in defense. Here are a few tips.

Hide – If you go for the hide strategy, then be sure to hide properly. This tactic works best in a forested area, or an area where you can sort of blend in to your surroundings. Always point the gun in the direction of the enemy, as they’ll be coming from there, and be sure to have enough movement to aim your gun at your own flag, as this is what the enemy will be after. Also be prepared to move or run quickly in case of being detected. You could go for the sniper variation, where you place yourself quite far away from your own flag and base, but be sure that your aim is good, and that you aren’t being approached by enemies near you.

Frontal defense – The complete opposite to the hiding variation, here it is clear that you are defending your flag. You don’t make a point in hiding, but do take cover! This has the advantage that you have a closer range, and so you’ll be more likely to hit your target. But it can also mean that it’s more likely that you will be hit!

Have several players defending – Having one player in defense I a surefire way to lose. If the enemy team overpowers your offensive players and you only have one player left, it’s quite unlikely that that one player can turn the entire game around. Therefore it is wise to have multiple players, maybe two or three, as defenders. Not only does this ramp up security, but if you have three defenders, one defender can transform into an attacker if another player is needed up front. Therefore they also serve as backup.

Cover all angles – You never know which direction the opponent will be coming from. Therefore you must count on all directions being a possibility. So when you set up your defense strategy, be sure to include the front, left and right of the flag, and make every defender have a specific range to shoot at quickly. Of course the other players can also shoot at the person on the very left, but it’s the left defender’s priority.

Have good communication – As in my last article, communication is key, even in defense. Make sure all players guarding the base have constant eye contact, and key hand signals to catch their attention and warn them of something. This will highly increase your success rate.

These were a few tips on how to defend your home base better. A good defense is just as important as a good offense, therefore you should value it just as much. Good luck!

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