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How To Get “In The Zone”

By November 13, 2011No Comments

In the last post I talked about why paintball was so much fun. In there I mentioned that one of the reasons it’s so much fun is because you can let go and be “in the moment”. But, how exactly do you do that? It’s a bit like meditation, and it could actually help in other parts of our lives, as well.

Competitive sports like paintball or any other sport require us to be in the now. The now is what is happening at this very moment. You are reading these words. You are still reading…you get the drift. A sport like paintball demands that we pay attention to every second, because we never know what might happen. It’s a bit like when you watch a horror film that you’re truly engaged in, and are on the edge of your seat…you don’t exactly know what will happen.

Just think about it the other way; when you’re in a paintball match, if you’re in your head, thinking about something, you may miss an opportune moment to move or shoot. It’s always best to acknowledge the plan, and then trust yourself that you’ll remember it. You’re chances of success are much higher. So the next time you go in with a strategy, before the game begins, acknowledge that you know it, and forget about it. Yep, you heard me right. Your subconscious mind will do the rest.

The number one thing I believe that gets us in the moment: fun. It’s so simple, so obvious, but it’s true. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you can’t live in the moment. For example, when I write, I am in the moment, because my mind is free and I can write down any word that comes to mind. If you wish to translate this to your life, figure out what things you enjoy doing. That is, truly enjoy, not think you enjoy. If you can say “I like…” and a smile appears on your face, you’re one step closer to living in the moment.

The now is only achievable if you truly want something, if you’re having fun. If you’re doing something grim that you don’t like, you’d probably be thinking to yourself about how you don’t like what you’re doing, about how you’d rather be somewhere else, doing something else. But the now has no worries, no thoughts. It’s just…the present moment.

So these are a few tips on how to live more presently and in the moment. Forget worries, forget thoughts, relax and focus on what is actually happening. And do the next thing.

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