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Paintball Safety

How To Manage Sunburn and Welts

By June 21, 2012No Comments

Since paintball is a physical game which is most often played in an open field, the most common conditions that a player may experience are sunburn and welts. Anna @BedlamPaintball, will give you tips on how to prevent and treat them.

They say, there is always a “PAIN” in “PAINtball”. Well, I’ll be lying if I say I never got sunburn or a bruise from playing the game. I did, but with the fun I had, it is all worth it.

Sunburn and Welts are among the most common conditions that a player can get from paintball, but like any other sport, these conditions can be prevented if the player is careful and well protected.


how to prevent paintball sunburnRemember to wear the strongest sunscreen you can find to the game. A bad sunburn can totally ruin a wonderful day! Even if the day starts out looking cloudy, put on sunscreen. If the weather changes, you’re already protected and it’s one less thing to think about while you’re on the field. You never know when the sun will come out. And in case you didn’t know, you can get burned even on an overcast day.

At the least, take a container of the spray-on kind of sunscreen to the game. It’s easy to apply so you’ll be less likely to “not bother.”

If you forgot your sunscreen and you do get burned, apply aloe vera gel to your sunburn as soon as you get home. You’ll be glad you did in the morning.


how to prevent paintball weltsThe game of paint ball is quite physical. It’s definitely not a game for very young children, as paint balls sting when they hit an exposed spot and sometimes leave welts that don’t heal for days.

You should wear clothing that covers your legs and arms completely, such as jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt or jersey, Bedlam Paintball provide jumpsuits that are specifically made for the game.

Wrap any exposed areas of skin in strips of cloth and wear gloves that at the least protect your hands, if not your fingers. A backwards baseball cap gives the back of your neck some protection if your mask lacks adequate neck coverage.

A few welts are an inevitable part of playing any paintball game. Most don’t hurt much, but some can feel quite tender after the game. During the game you’ll be too busy and distracted to notice!

If you do get a few welts, take a hot bath or shower when you get home and apply a soothing gel like aloe vera. Afterwards you’ll feel a lot better.

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