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How To Protect Yourself In Paintball

By December 10, 2011No Comments

Protecting yourself in paintball is crucial if you want to survive the round and even win the game. It’s identical to an actual battle with real guns and real armor, and the strategies used are almost the same. There are several ways you can defend yourself, not just your base or others. Self-defense in paintball comes down to being alert, swift, and accurate. Here are some tips on how to be as best prepared for defending yourself as possible

1)   Be alert – Being alert is probably the most crucial part of defending yourself. You need to listen very carefully to what’s going on around you. If you are playing in a forested area, for example, the rustle of leaves will give any enemy away…as long as you are listening. In other fields, such as a barrel field, being alert will help you to hear when someone is on the move, so you can jump up in time and shoot away for a few seconds before you come back down into hiding.

2)   Be swift – Swift, quick, fast, witty – they are all synonyms for the same principle. You need to be able to make decisions quickly, as you want to reduce the time in which you are shooting at someone. The quicker you can make a confrontation, the better your chances of survival. Why? Because if you get stuck trying to shoot at one person for a long time, you might not notice that other enemy sneaking up on you, or hiding in a corner ready to shoot you once you’re done with your enemy. Being swift also means being quick on your feet; if you’re in a barrel field, or a plain field that has props up to serve as shields, you want t move from shield to shield as fast as you can. Combine this with being alert and you can know exactly when to move.

3)   Be accurate – Accuracy is important in determining your success of defense. It is an offensive point, but sometimes the best defense is offense. If you are highly alert and are swift to get up and down and move around, then you only need to work on your accuracy of shots now. The less ammunition you use the better. The higher your accuracy also means less time you spend trying to hit someone, therefore increasing your overall speed. Be sure to practice your accuracy in your off time or in a just for fun round.

These were a few tips on helping you become a better self defense expert in paintball. Remember to practice these things one at a time and try to perfect them through constant repetition. Being alert means being in the now, or “in the zone”. You have no time to think, just be aware. Being swift means you need to work on your movements and improve your motor skills; how fast can you turn, how quick can you go back into cover? Being accurate requires a lot of dedication; so make sure to practice this one continuously. Good luck!

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