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How To Win At Paintball

By October 24, 2011No Comments

In the last post I mentioned Strategy. Strategy is a huge part of Paintball if you’re out to win. Remember, winning is not everything, but is sure is fulfilling! So the next time you get out into the battlefield, remember to read through this here guide, get your gear, discuss with your team, load your guns, and begin winning.

1) Mindset

Mindset is probably the most important part of anything – be it sport or life. Be clear about your goal – what is it that you want? You want to win. Tell yourself, we’re going to win. This will drive your inner excitement into the right direction. Be sure to get all your team members into this mindset – if one slacks, everyone might just slack. This is a team sport.

2) Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s be honest – not everyone is good at shooting, and not everyone is good at defending. Know your team and everyone’s strengths and everyone’s weaknesses. This will ensure maximum efficiency and best strategy. Use the potential of your team to its fullest extent.

3) Position

You can choose to play leaderless or with a specific leader and different positions for each player. A leader will ensure to make decisions, whereas having no leader you will get into debate on who does what. Discuss who does what, and let the leader approve or disapprove. It will make things simple and more efficient. After that let everyone know who is doing what: who is on the defensive and who is on the offensive? Be sure to split well. A good strategy is to have 2 or three people on the offensive, leading the way, and a line of defensive players spread out behind them to cover. This will ensure that, should an offensive player get out, a defensive player can quickly take his spot and recover the game. It will also allow you to cover the offensive players while they move forward. And lastly, as the offensive players will be in the “spotlight”, enemies will have their attention on them, meaning defensive players can take them out without them even noticing.

4) Offensive vs. Defensive

As in the last point, balancing offensive and defensive is the key here. Be sure not to be too aggressive or too defensive. If you want to, have bursts of offensive play and bursts of defensive – this will keep the enemy guessing on what your team is going to do next.

5) You are not the protagonist

This is a team sport. No matter how eager you are to busting the other team and moving forward at a quick pace – stick to the game plan! You are no hero, and the likelihood of you getting hit only increase if you go out there on your own and try to show off your “skills”.

5) Change it up

After a round of game, be sure to change your strategy and what your players all do. This is important, because should you choose to have the same strategy every time, your enemy team will figure it out and be expecting you where you were last time.

And that’s it for now! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. Have a good game and until next time!

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