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Paintball Tactics

Learning Tricks from Experienced Players

By June 8, 2012No Comments

Anna @BedlamPaintball tells you what to do when get marked out of the game

When You’re Out of the Game, Watch the Experienced Players

watching paintballSo, you just got marked, eh? Disappointed? Well, don’t be, this is your opportunity to quietly observe those more experienced players from the sidelines. Pay attention to the way they hold their gun, the way they move from bunker to bunker and the way they signal to their teammates.

See if you can figure out their plan. All good players go into every game knowing the plan their team decided on before the game started. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you observe experienced players:

  • What are they wearing?
  • How do they shoot from a bunker?
  • How do they steady their gun?
  • What bunkers do they choose? See if you can figure out why.
  • How do they keep from getting marked?

Keep mental notes of everything you see. Later, compare what you noted with the information you’ve been researching. Where does it match? Where are there differences? Can you figure out why? Does it have to do with:

  • The terrain
  • The type of game being played
  • The player’s age or experience
  • The rules of the field
  • The player’s style of play or position (point man, safety, sniper, back man, front man, rover, etc.)?


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