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Oh Brother…

By July 14, 2010 One Comment
Big Brother uses paintball to decide who goes

Image courtesy of Channel 4

Now any regular reader will probably realise that Big Brother isn’t our cup of tea exactly, that was until they started to use paintball markers as part of the nomination process. We couldn’t have thought of a better idea ourselves! Apparently housemates are literally deciding who faces the ‘firing line’ of the public vote by taking part in a Wild West-style shoot-out with (fairly pathetic looking) paintball markers.

We missed the episode ourselves, but they took turns, whilst dressed as cowboys, to turn, fire and try to hit the targets on their opposition’s chest. Unsurprisingly, only one person managed to hit the actual target, but then the pressure was on – as a ticket home was at stake for the loser.

Not quite paintball at it’s most thrilling but maybe, once they’re out, they’ll give the real thing a go.

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