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Osama’s mansion now Californian paintball zone

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Osama Bin Laden paintball?

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Well this has got the paintball blogs and forums buzzing alright. A South California paintball operator called SC Village Paintball has reportedly just spent $250,000 accurately recreating the mansion that Osama Bin Laden was reported to have been shot in.

As far as news goes, this is pretty weird in its own right, but from a paintball perspective it poses a few questions. Though SC Village haven’t started advertising the game zone on their own website yet, a press release seems to have been doing the circuits of all the key industry sites and the zone, called “Bin Laden’s Compound”, is due to open today. No word yet on how the zone is being pitched in terms of scenario and storyline, but I would imagine it’s an opportunity for enthusiasts to play at being the Navy SEAL who actually took Osama Bin Laden down. However it’s pitched, the information so far available is clear to ensure that this zone is in no way mocks or pays tribute to the man or his legacy.

Only a couple of pics are online at the minute I think, but apparently the site comes complete with ’18-foot high walls, Middle Eastern music, wrecked cars, downed helicopter, explosive sound effects and referees and opponents dressed like members of the Taliban’. It all sounds pretty serious and intense, but it’s not actually that surprising, coming from SC Village Paintball. A quick scan of their website lists other game zones with names like ‘Germany’, ‘Bosnia’ and ‘Kuwait’.

Controversial sure, but I’m I’ve no doubt it’ll prove popular amongst regular gamers, though I hope Disney doesn’t try and follow suit.

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