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1. Woodsball, also known as woods paintball, hillball or bushball, is a type of paintball game, in which the players play in a natural outdoors area. It is one of the first types of paintball to be played before and is still one of the most popular ones as of today.

Woodsball paintball uses a unique strategy among other paintball variations, in a sense that players are allowed to equip themselves with differing equipment to suit their assigned roles or task within the team. A player’s role is potentially limitless and can also be based on realistic military roles. Some classes may some perks among others such as being able to communicate with the official during matches and some are allowed to begin the game before the others.

Camouflage is also a key element in playing woodsball. Players need to blend with the surrounding environment, making it harder for the opposing team to spot the player.

There are other game variants revolving around woodsball and these are:

  1. Elimination – teams must defeat every opponent without being tagged.
  2. Capture the flag – the teams’ objective is to capture the opposing flag without being tagged.
  3. Protect the VIP – the team must protect their VIP player from being tagged. Non VIP players that are tagged may re-enter as long as their VIP is not yet tagged.

2. Speedball is a game variant of paintball and is played in clear flat grounds with manmade bunkers. As the name suggest the key factor of this type of game is speed. Camouflage is not as important as teamwork, timing, accurate shooting and fast paced or real time strategies. Speedball rules are similar to other paintball variants, with the goal to eliminate the opposing team or to capture their flag.

Speedball strategies revolve around being able to respond to changes quickly as your teammates might be eliminated one after the other. It is also important to shoot accurately as chances to shoot will decrease as the game progresses.

Because of the small playing area of speedball, suppressing fire is a primary element of speedball tactics. The team who has control over the other team’s mobility holds great advantage as they themselves can move freely around the course.

These are just some of the most commonly played paintball variants today. These paintball variants can be enhanced or modified to create a new paintball game to enhance your paintball gaming experiences.


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