Paintball Hate Crimes

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Paintball is a fun game where people develop and strengthen friendship and teamwork. However, some people use this to hurt others. Anna @BedlamPaintball tells about paintball hate crimes that show the world how bad discrimination on gender, sexual orientation, and race is.

paintball hate crimesPaintball is described by many as the safest extreme sports there is because of the many safety gadgets worn during a game – The mask, players are never allowed to play without it. Safety suits are also worn during the game to provide extra protection from paintball hits. In fact, there is no recorded death caused by playing paintball.

Though many people enjoyed this game safely, many others used it to harass other people outside of the game field. There are several Paintball hate crimes recorded overtime. Here are some of them:

Anchorage Paintball attacks – 2001

Three teenagers travelled to Anchorage, Ak to locate drunk Eskimo pedestrians and shoot them with their paintball guns. With them they carried a paintball gun with alleged frozen solid ammunition and a video camera to document their escapade. According to reports, one of the minor drove a Subaru Impreza and fired only one paintball. Charles Deane Wiseman, 19 years old, was seated in the back seat to film their “fun” trip. The other minor, whose name was not disclosed, rode in the front seat and fired most of the paintball shots.

One of the scenes in the video shows the assailant’s interview with a 52-year old Nome man who admit that he has been struggling with alcoholism. As per their goal, they shot the old man in the face.

Witnesses reported the incident and arrested the teenagers and were sentenced to a $6000 fine, 6 months imprisonment, and 300 hours community service. Because of such incident many legislators were prompted to exert more effort in fighting racial discrimination.

San Diego Paintball attacks – 2011

The San Diego local police are investigating on a possible hate crime in Hillcrest and North Park. According to the report, in a parking lot of the San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Gender Community Center six men were harassed by four people who were in a car. They yelled anti-gay slurs and fired paintballs at them. Two of them were injured as they were hit in the head and leg area.

According to reports, the paintball shooting spree continued on Idaho street where two civilians were hit in the right leg and backside.

The Centre Street attack is being investigated as a hate crime because of the slurs, according to police.

Police said there could have been up to four Hispanic or white males in the car.

Paintball is a game that aims to develop critical thinking, teamwork, and camaraderie. However, this can also be an instrument to people who would just like to express hate. People who possess paintball guns should be responsible enough to use these markers only for its purpose and not for anything else.

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