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Paintball Tactics

Paintball Secrets: Move

By November 25, 2011No Comments

Yes, I am dedicating a whole article to moving. Why? Because it’s a secret. Not many people know that moving is extremely important in paintball (as it is in any other sport). Moving increases chances of hitting someone whilst decreasing your chances of being shot out. Why? Well let’s look at it in more detail.

Moving is escaping – Picture this. Your playing a round of paintball, your don’t really have a plan for whatever reason (maybe you decided to freestyle this round), and now you’re also on your own, because your teammates seem to know what they’re doing and are off. You don’t know where the enemy team is; they could be behind you, next to you or in front of you. You decide the safest place to be is right here, because no one’s gotten you here yet. Right? Wrong. Sooner or later, if the opposing team is on the move, someone will lurk up on you, and you will be the one surprised and start shooting away. If you would have moved, you could have escaped, or maybe even snuck up on someone else. But now you’re the victim. Moving is escaping, therefore move if you don’t wish to be out.

Moving is killing – If you want to get someone out, you need to find them first. How? You move. Forward, left, right, wherever, just move! Sooner or later you will hear something, or see someone, and if you’re lucky, they won’t see you. And if you shoot and get them out, remember to keep moving – don’t be all happy and laugh at their face yelling “Ha! I got you!” There may just be someone behind you. And by now you know that moving is escaping.

Moving too fast or too slow is not good – If you’ve decided to get this game over and done with quickly, moving real fast will mean that it’s going to be over quickly…for you. If you run around the place like a cheetah, you aren’t paying attention.  Sometimes you need to sprint, sure, like if you’re being followed and you don’t have enough time to turn and shoot, or if you’re following someone.

But don’t rely just on your sense of sight. You need to hear as well, and you can’t hear anything with those leaves rustling beneath your stomping feet!

Moving too slow is also not good. It’s better than standing completely still, but you need to be somewhat swift in this game.

The ideal is in between. You want to move fast enough to be able to get out of a situation quickly if need be, but also slow enough so that you can take in your surroundings and see and hear as much as you can. You must be a hunter, and a hunter slows down only right before the kill. Before the kill, he moves just fast enough to get somewhere quickly. But he never sprints, because that will only scare away the prey, or worse, the prey will attack him!

These are the basics of why moving is one of the most important things you have in your arsenal. Of course if you have a good strategy where you are required to stand still, then so be it. If you’re defending the base, then you won’t have to move too much (unless you’re being attacked and need to escape).

I hope this helps, and good luck out there.

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