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Paintball Shooting Positions

By February 17, 2012No Comments

1. The prone or laying position is ideally used when one is under attack or needs to hide. Accuracy drops and movement is limited. One must keep the aim of the barrel at eye level to shoot proficiently but keep in mind that moving is hard to accomplish in doing so, vice versa.

2. Standing is the main position that you’re going to use throughout the game. It is the most comfortable position that you can utilize for long periods of time. It is used when one is hiding behind tall structures. Shooting using this position is very easy as you can opt to aim in any form whichever you’re comfortable with. Be wary when standing though as this position gives you the most “exposure” to enemies giving them opportunities to gun you down.

3. Crouching can be really uncomfortable when used often. One can utilize the position before running or using the prone position as it is the go-between these 2 positions. Weight must be distributed in the very front of your feet. Crouching to running is good combo as it can give you’re dash a needed boost to achieve maximum speed in little amount of time.

4. Sitting position is used when to give oneself protection behind bunkers. It offers best defensive capabilities as you can duck immediately when spotted by the enemy making you harder to gun down. Sitting also offers versatile firing positions as it is easy to lean from side to side around the bunker. It also comes with little mobility as it is not easy to stand immediately from this position but is negligible as you will be only using this position when in a bunker or in between obstacles.

5. Kneeling is similar to the sitting position but is used when you will not stay in the area for too long as it also gives the player the option to run immediately should the need arise. Keeping the gun at eye level can make shooting easier. You should also adjust the way you kneel depending on the height of the bunker as kneeling wrongly can result in being too exposed to the enemy.

6. Running, a really difficult position when shooting, one can use trick shots to shoot opponents but it will be a matter of luck and positioning to actually pull it off. It also exposes you fully to the opponent and its defensive stat may vary for each player, different build result in different running styles.

When in battle think of the different positions to use to outmaneuver or to overpower your enemy. Practice with positions you are most comfortable with and perfect it, as well as practice the positions that you don’t find pleasing to improve your overall gaming and remember to have fun.

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