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Paintball Tactics

Paintball Strategy 2: All Out

By November 30, 2011No Comments

In a forested area? Feel like having some fun? Feel like having a round of paintball that depends on your speed, quick reflexes, and nothing more? Well then this strategy is just for you!

In the last Strategy article we looked at the side attack. This time we’re going all out on the frontal attack. This strategy is risky, but it’s also really exhilarating and adrenaline spiking.

You have no defense. You have no one guarding your safe haven if you’re playing a flag game. You’ve decided to just go for it. You’ve gathered your team and your leader has decided that, this time, everyone is on the offense.

But is there a method to this madness? Yes, there is! First let’s look at what going all out actually does.

Going all out in offensive is highly unpredictable because every team expects the other team to have some defense strategy, too. You’re expecting the enemy team to be have some people guarding their base, right? Well so are they expecting it of you. You crush this expectation when you charge in.

Speed means heightened senses. Remember the last article on movement? Well here it still applies. You don’t want to move too fast, but not too slow either. The key is moving a little faster than you normally would when walking. Too fast will mean you’re not paying attention to your surroundings, too slow means you’re paying too much attention and will be slow to react.

Remember, this strategy works best in a forested area, or an area where it’s not so easy to see you. Don’t do this out on the barrel field where everyone can see you!

The more players you are, the higher your chances of success. You want to spread out in a zigzag configuration, so that some people are further back than others, so that you aren’t a straight line that the enemy team can just shoot down. And you want to stretch as far out to the edges of the playing field as possible, so no one can pass your line.

Your communication should still be spot on, however it makes no sense in this strategy for the person on the right end to warn the person on the left about a sound he just heard. Talk to the closest people to you, and they can pass the message down if they feel it’s important.

Now, what happens is, the enemy team either sees all of you, or doesn’t. It’s fun if the don’t, because they will only focus on the two or three people they do see, and be hit from the side by another team member.

You can also do the storming variation, where you just run into the enemy base and shoot at everyone you see, but do this at your own risk!

This is a strategy for a more lighthearted, fun game, with little pre-thinking required, and just relying on impulse and reflex and communication.

Try it out and it may just be your favorite style! Good luck!

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