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Paintball Tactics

Paintball Strategy: Snap Shooting

By March 16, 2012No Comments

Snap shooting is a skill that makes a player more reliable in team fights and can also contribute offensively in terms of making the enemy at bay. The whole point in snap shooting is to be able to hold the gun correctly and pop out of the bunker and fire two to three shots and retreat to the safety of your bunker.

Another skill you should keep in mind is playing tight, since snap shooting is the offensive form when playing “tight”. Playing tight in a nutshell is to make you a small target for the enemy. It improves defensive capabilities as you are hard to shoot down. It is done by placing your gun, hands and feet as close to your body as possible.

Snap shooting requires the player to shoot accurately as you only have about two to three shots before you can retreat to the safety of your bunker. Most likely if you’re “snap shooting” the enemy may also employ the same tactic and it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. First you must be zoning them, zoning basically means to make your opponent be the first to snap. This gives you opportunities to shoot more rounds than he does. Depending on the difficulty of your enemies, you can stay and keep shooting long enough before going in back to your bunker.

The player must also be athletic enough to perform these moves. Some moves require the player from crouching to shooting position in a matter of seconds and to line up a shot with your paintball gun. Other stances require ducking, standing, crawling and kneeling positions.

Snap shooting is also a battle of attrition as you must have the patience if you want other “snap shooters” to be eliminated. Snap shooting battles may consist of long battles, the longer the exchange of snap shots among enemies it is more likely that you will make a mistake and be eliminated in the process. Also a snap shooter must watch for a sniper as a little opening can make you an easy target and it is a guaranteed elimination if it is done.

To perform snap shooting proficiently experience and practice are required to play effectively. Stick to the basics and make as little mistakes as possible to help contribute to the team. Constant practice of these basics and some advanced techniques will make you a better paintballer and always remember that experience is the best teacher. Have fun and enjoy snap shooting.

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