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Paintball Tactics

Paintball Technique: Off Hand Shooting

By April 28, 2012No Comments

Paintball is a game that requires the right balance between skills, technique, strategy, and teamwork. Anna @BedlamPaintball discusses about a very useful paintball technique that can give you quite an advantage on field – Off Hand Shooting.

off hand shootingWhat is off hand shooting? First of all off hand shooting is a skill, while not required to play paintball, which lets you use your non-dominant hand to shoot. One may ask, is this really an important factor to consider when playing competitive paintball? The answer of course is yes and if you’re having doubts it will be discussed here on this article.

Off hand shooting can help you in many instances. One case is to help you become more flexible in games. Let’s say you only know how to shoot with your right hand and you’re in a bunker being bombarded with enemy fire. You can of course shoot on the right side of the bunker as it your “comfort” shot but it should probably work for about one or two quick snap shots. But do you think the enemy would be as dumb as to not notice that pattern? If your enemy finds that you can only shoot at the right side of the bunker, it’s a no brainer that the enemy will eliminate you.

The situation above is very simple yet by having an “off hand” option in your shooting arsenal will give you a force to be reckoned with. Even though it won’t be as accurate as your dominant hand but still having enemies think that they can still be shot wherever they place themselves is a huge disadvantage to them.

You’ve got the theory now but don’t expect to be shooting enemies from left to right with your knowledge. As any skill you must first train to master it or to be at least be familiarized with it.

You can start off by:

1. Practicing with a mirror, it may sound silly but it really helps, the mirror would let you see your form and you can make certain adjustments to it whenever you feel that it is wrong.

2. If you’ve got time to spare practice with a friend, moving targets are really hard to hit especially when using your off hand. It may get frustrating at first but never give up!

3. After you feel confident about your off hand mastery you can try participating in skirmishes, but trust you will most probably be shooting off target.

4. And lastly remember to strategize as being able to “wield a weapon” is not enough to win a war.

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