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Paintball Tactics

Paintball Tips and Tricks: Playing Tight

By March 14, 2012No Comments

Playing tight in paintball may sound simple enough but is actually a hard move to pull and will most likely require constant practice and field awareness. Playing tight means that you have to take a lookout position and you must keep your body as “little” as possible by keeping your marker, arms and legs close to your body.

The essence of playing tight in paintball is to make yourself a small target as possible by moving your body around. These are some tips on how to play tight effectively in a paintball match.

1. Keep your elbows as close to your body in every situation, even when running.

2. Make sure that your marker is not in broad daylight when shooting. If your marker is hit it also counts as being eliminated and must be avoided at all cost. Making sure that the gun does not go out from your cover to avoid sniper shots.

3. Head checking. Head checking is done by peeking only a little much like when you peek when you play hide and seek, meaning to expose only your eyes not your entire face.

4. Have field awareness always. Expect the enemy to appear everywhere as they can either get you from behind or flank you. Constant lookout can make you survive much longer in the game.

5. Even when attacking keep yourself as small a target as possible. Practice keeping yourself low on the ground even when you leave your bunker or barrier. And remember to keep always your gun and body parts as close to your body as possible.

6. Be unpredictable. Make your unpredictable by breaking out of your habits, for example popping out on the same place. By doing so you give your enemy many options to think on how you’re going to appear and give yourself more chances to survive.

7. Learn how to snap out of your barrier. Snapping out of your barrier means to expose quickly yourself and shoot a few paintballs then snap back to the safety of your bunker. This technique may be hard to master as you must always keep tight in order to perform it perfectly.

8. Attacking closer enemies. Quick and accurate shots must be given whenever there are close enemies within your proximity. The closer the distance among you and the enemy the larger you become, even when playing tight.

These are some of the tips that you could use when playing tight. Constant practice, experience and instinct will still be the deciding factor on how you will play the game.

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