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Paintball: What To Do When You Run Out Of Bullets

By December 11, 2011No Comments

So you’re in the middle of a paintball match and you suddenly realize, “Uh oh…I have no more ammunition!” And now you think to yourself “What do I do?!” Don’t fret! There are two big things you can do, you need only know what. This article will focus on these tactics you can employ to use your ammo-less game to your advantage and help your team out as much as possible. It can also be one of the most fun games you’ve if you survive until the end. So let’s get right to it.

Be a distraction – Let’s face it, you are useless at offense or defense without ammo, but you can still help out your team here. Remember, it’s not about being a hero or having the most “kills”, but about teamwork and succeeding as one. Therefore, you can be of great use to your friends and teammates by being a constant distraction. Remember, you’re the only one who knows you have no ammo, the other team doesn’t. Therefore communicate with your team that you have no ammo, and that you’ll be a distraction. Your teammates may even give you some of their ammo midgame to help you out a little. So distract the enemy team by making noise, by acting like you are about to shoot at them (but take cover immediately). You want to take the enemy’s eyes off of your team and onto you. If your teammates do give you ammo, use it very wisely. I would  use it more for a distraction than actually trying my hardest to shoot someone out.

Run for the flag – Be a runner. That is, put down your gun and any excess baggage that you don’t need that would only slow you down, and make up for your lack of ammo with the swiftness of your feet. If you are playing a flag game you can make a run for the flag. Your agility will give you an advantage over your enemies, and you can tell your teammates to cover you as they probably still have sufficient ammo. However, know that being a runner is risky. You have quite a high chance of being shot out if you don’t play this well. Don’t just make a run for it blindly. When someone spots you and shoots at you, take cover and wait for your teammates to catch up to be able to cover you. You could also use a variant of the Leapfrog strategy, where you join one team which has ammo, and when you reach the flag they will cover you whilst you run for it.

These two strategies are simple, yet can be very effective when you here that “click, click”, but no paintballs are coming out. But the number one rule is to get a refill if you feel like you are going to run out midgame. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does, have some fun with it! Good luck!

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