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Paintballing in Style

By June 13, 2012No Comments

Paintball doesn’t just makes you get down on your knees, it also makes you drop, roll, and crawl too. Though this may be the case, might as well do it in style. Anna @BedlamPaintball gives you some tips on how you could keep your style beyond the camouflage.

 Wear Vests

paintballing in styleVests are generally only worn for scenario paintball games where they’re used to carry a pistol, grenades, tubes (to carry extra paintballs), etc. Paintball vests come in many colors and patterns, and are often theme-based in style, including police, CIA, military, offbeat, etc. You can even get one custom made! However, though vests may look really good on you, it also have a downside; Vests are added weight, which could make you less agile.


paintballing in stylePolice and S.W.A.T. patches are popular with paintball players. These are patches you iron on to your combat or police-style jacket or vest. A good friend had a joint stag and hen party and we had custom made patches that say “The Stags” and “The Hens” stitched on their vests. Obviously, the girls lost but it made a really good keepsake for the memorable event.


paintballing in styleWhile not technically considered clothing, tattoos are quite popular among paintball players. The rule is: If you see a tattoo you like, wait 12 months before you get it. If you still like it and still like the idea of getting a tattoo after the year is up, then go for it…always assuming your family is supportive, of course!

Most paintball players don’t have tattoos specific to paintball, but some do, of course. You can do a search in Google or Yahoo for “paintball tatoos” to see if you can find some examples of paintball tattoos you might like. Or, get an artist friend of yours to design one for you.

By the way, as I mentioned always in my blog posts and as per our happy clients’ testimonials; paintball sometimes hurts. And so does getting tattooed. Neither are for the faint of heart!

Develop Your Own Style… Within the Rules of Paintball

What you wear or add to make you look more cool doesn’t matter once you’ve followed the basic rules and recommendations. Just develop your own style over time as you observe others and shop around to add to your paintball get-up. Don’t forget to shop online, too. There are enough paintball supply stores online to keep you busy for quite awhile.

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